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Heatsmart titanium heat pumps
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    9 Kw ,13 Kw, 17 Kw, 21 Kw, 27 Kw

    Heatsmart titanium heat pump benefits
  • Inexpensive to run
  • Swim in a heated pool all year round
  • Incredible efficient Japanese technology
  • Quietest Operation in Australia
  • Top quality , maximum durability titanium heat exchanger
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Attractive , compact and unobtrusive unit

Whisper - quiet Operation
You and your neighbours will be happy that when your heat pump is operating , it generates as little as 40 decibels.

Quality , Reliability and Durability
Heatsmart titanium heat pumps are manufactured using only the highest quality Japanese and European components. The titanium heat exchanger is not only extremely efficient, it will never rust or corrode. Our heat pumps also feature more accurate and durable commercial grade digital controllers, specific water flow switches and high capacity compressor capacitors.

Heat and Cool
Heatsmart heat pumps not only heat your pool, they can cool it with equal efficiency.

World Class Performance
With a coefficient of performance (COP) of 6.0 at an air temperature of 27 degrees and 4.5 at just 15 degrees, Heatsmart heat pumps are one of the most efficient units available on the market . This remarkable efficiency can save up to 80 % on running costs compared to alternative gas or other electric heating.

​Gen 1 Dual Motor Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Key product features –
  • Cleans floor and walls
  • Z pattern programming for systematic cleaning
  • Reverses when exiting a beach entry pool
  • Choice of 3 cycle times : 30 mins, 1 hr and 2 hrs
  • Auto switch off at the end of each cycle
  • Suitable for all shapes and sizes

  • 300 litres per minute filtration
  • 200 Watts of cleaning power
Durable and cost effective
  • 15 or 30 metres resistant floating cable
  • Robust design and proven reliability
  • Do it yourself service with affordable
replacement parts
  • Caddy and remote control
  • 24 month warranty

Genesis Inverter heat pumps 
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13 Kw, 17 Kw, 26 Kw

Genesis Inverter heat pumps are designed and manufactured with the lasts technological enhancements.

*30% Higher performance
*30% Reduced electricity consumption
*Longer lasting

Key Features and benefits

  • Variable speed compressor providing up to 30 % greater efficiency with a COP of up to 8
  • Ideally suited for homes with solar electricity
  • Digital scroll technology optimising output of the compressor
  • DC Inverter technology increasing the performance and enabling variable speed
  • Commercial grade ambient and water sensors, meaning longer lasting components
  • Titanium spiral heat exchanger offering 5 -8 % more efficiency than standard heat exchangers
  • No welding points reduses gas leakage risk by 30%

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